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Another Level.

Imagine that all of your sales magically seemed to close effortlessly and easily?

I remember when I used to have competition, and they thought I had special leads, so called special territories, in other words they believed I was shown some favoritism.

In fact that wasn’t remotely true, and often I took the worst territories, and I built them into blockbuster income producing territories.

There were basically two reasons that this happened: I knew if they had been worked, and they were so called poor territories, that someone couldn’t close, and I could, so I took the old leads.

I've had many a client say why did we buy from you, and not the other fellows? I politely asked them, “May I request that you tell me please?”

They would always say, “We know you truly care.” If they were particularly tough I would say to them, the question I have of you is why am I more interested in your welfare than you are your own?

You see a lot of nice people have come by over the years, and they were polite, and you politely said goodby, and you put you, Your family, and your life savings at risk all these years. 

However, I’ve been where you are, and I’ve already taken care of my family, why haven’t you?

I mean I know you care, and to your good fortune so do I.

Now, I need your approval right here please!

I create my successes in advance of their showing up simply because I expect a profit!

I visualize my week in advance, where I will go, the people I will see, and make a difference in their lives.

I visualize the sales, the amount of the sales, the benefit to whomever I’m representing, and I never consider the money.

When I’ve reached my own preset targets the money is always there.

I even imagine the leads I will receive in advance of the closings.

I Expect A Profit, and I expect to close 100% of my sales.

Do I close 100% absolutely not, and I have had great successes.

I remember a time in Australia about 90 miles northeast of Sydney in the town of Newcastle on the ocean.

A beautiful quaint town.

My sales crew of four were sick, and I had a presentation when an unexpected amount of people showed up to learn to trade Foreign Currencies, money if you will.

I had one other person with me named Neil.

We had 100 people show up that night and together we closed 52 sales @ 5,000 a copy, $260,000.00 and we enlisted the people to help us fill out their paperwork and bring it to us!

Another time @ The Crown Plaza In Auckland New Zealand I was personally sick with the bird flu that I’d caught in Chennai or Mumbai, India.

I’d been sick for almost 6 weeks, and decided I was well enough to do a seminar, I in fact wasn’t well enough, and Neil with no training other than being a good trader did the seminar.

I came down from my room for the close, and again together we closed 22 sales out of 35 people attending @ $5,000 - copy in other words $110,00.00 in sales in approximately 30-45 minutes.

I believe that both of these happened because I knew how to create a result in advance of the opportunity, and I Expect A Profit!

Another time at the Sydney Law Center at New South Wales University I closed 40 Deals @ $20,000 a copy for a total of 1 Million dollars in 17 minutes!

I have the testimonial validating this as you will see.

All of these people had already bought a 5k product from me at a previous seminar.

What’s funny is that we were going to sell a $13,000.00 product and I piped up in front of some 15-20 people where your 20k program?

They laughed and said do you want to be in charge of that program. I said damn right I do, and again they laughed.

I watched all of their jaws simply drop open literally when I completed the close!

I ended up closing 600 of those 20k deals in two years, plus another 1200 closed deals @ 5k each year.

Your read that right 22 Million in personal sales in two years!

Why did this happen?

I had learned how to create a result in advance, I believed in myself, like I believe in you, and I Expected A Profit!

The Million Dollar Mindset will take you to Another Level where indeed you will succeed, and Expect A Profit!

You will learn to do this, and use these strategies in 30 days or less, and these strategies and mindset techniques will last you a lifetime!

Suit Up, Show Up, Shut Up Close Up!

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